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I'm Oscar Mata, graphic and creative designer. I love to read, write, travel and create.
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I’m Oscar Mata, creative and designer. I believe in creativity as a way to change our world. I love great ideas. I like to innovate, propose and explore. I’m responsible and committed to my job, as well with the people who are part of my team. My creative experience:

CIAL Dun & Bradstreet

Lead Designer and Marketing Production Coordinator

I receive marketing production requests from all the company across LATAM. My job is to define priorities, deadlines and delegate workload with my team, ensure delivering projects on time and quality and create visual concepts for new products and marketing campaigns. I work along with product managers, UI/UX designers, digital planners and external providers. I also defined the structure and workflows of my team.

Difraxion Group

Graphic Designer

Worked with brands like Danone, Skechers, INE, Siemens, Gas Natural Fenosa and some others. I worked in branding projects, web design, editorial, social media content and digital signage.

IFO Editorial

Graphic Designer

Tax consultancy where I worked with internal branding, digital advertising, editorial, web design, web management and social media content.

Rojo y Sofia

Jr. Graphic Designer

SMEs consultancy especialized in business, marketing and design. I worked in areas like branding, web design, workshop development and others.

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